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Why You Should Enjoy Being Uncomfortable

Sometimes it is hard to see beyond our current situation. It’s all too common to feel as if we’ve reached the summit of whatever goals we were striving towards and to then relax in the comfort of the known. There’s something almost rewarding in the comfort but after awhile it can slowly begin to trap us. Something outside of the routine feels scarier and scarier. Not having the answer feels worse and worse. The natural reaction is to “stay with what you know” but that is exactly the mentality that will gradually lead us down a path where we feel like “this may be it” for us in our lives. Feeling stuck from time to time is normal, and having routines is a helpful tool, but if we only focus on what we know we’ll be condemning ourselves to a life of exactly what we have today and nothing more. Being uncomfortable is a very important part of our lives and something I think we should all spend more time pursuing.

Being comfortable isn't the way to learn to expand your abilities. Thomas Perry

The Benefits of Being Wrong

A common fear I think we all share from growing up is taking a test. The fear, uncertainty and doubt creeping in to us while we wait for the test to be handed out. The feeling that that one thing we can't quite remember will of course be asked on the test. The winding paths of irrationality we weave in our minds of how not getting the perfect score on this test will spell certain doom for the rest of our lives. Sound familiar?

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