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Schedule Change

The astute reader may have noticed that we didn't post at our regular time today. Not to worry - we've just switched our schedule such that new posts will be happening Monday mornings rather than Saturdays. Check back here on Monday, September 30th around 11:30 for Courtney's next post.

Credit Card Rules for Modern Savers

Most American young adults have plentiful opportunities to apply for or use credit once - and often before - they're out of high school. In a study published by Sallie Mae polling undergraduate students, it was found that 84 percent of the respondents had at least one credit card. Coupled with the fact that most high school students receive little or no financial education (at least in the classroom), that statistic speaks volumes about why so many in our culture are so deeply indebted to various financial institutions, but by far the most jarring and abhorrible kind of debt is credit card debt. Since I've recently gotten my first "rewards" credit card, I feel like it's a good time to present some of the rules I've put in place for my own use of credit cards; follow these rules, and credit card debt will never trouble you.

Two Questions To Help Re-define & Measure Success

One of my least favorite quotes is "He who dies with the most toys wins". It seems to me a very hollow method for measuring the success of one's life. Not to mention, what does the dead person in question win exactly? While money and material possessions can solve some of life's problems they are hardly the end all of happiness or success but are certainly the predominant focus in a lot of people's lives. Why is that? If money and stuff isn't going to make you happy why do we cling to it so tightly, spend so much of our lives chasing after it and what can we add to this equation to balance out our lives and regain perspective? That, fellow arborists, is the focus of today's post.

Say Hello to the Tools Section

You'll have to excuse the lack of a "normal" article today, but I'm hopeful that what will take its place will be just as good (or better!). In our ongoing effort to provide value to the readers of this blog, today we're unveiling a new section of The Real Money Tree: Tools. Over time and with your input, we'll be adding new tools to our site to help you visualize and simulate all kinds of financial situations.

When Planning Can Keep You From Achieving Your Goals

One of the harder things to do in life is to get started on something. On what you ask? Pretty much anything. It's much easier to talk, plan and re-plan, prioritize de-prioritize and re-prioritize instead of actually doing the things you say you want or need to do. It's a natural reaction and is also one of the biggest hinderances to our productivity and happiness in our lives. We've all had those moments after a good workout or after finally having cleaned out the garage of feeling incredibly good about what we've just accomplished - it's like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders. So why then, if it feels so good when we're done, do we put off the work knowing full well how we'll feel in the end?


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