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Feeling Stressed? Take a News & Technology Diet

One of the most precious resources that we all have is our time. The demand for it seems to be increasing and we are all struggling to find the right way to balance our leisure time against our responsibilities (myself included). Running from one errand to another, one event to the next and constantly having so much on our minds is making it more and more difficult to be able to give everything we care about the right level of attention and effort. I wrote about this in a broader sense in my last post but today I wanted to go into something more specific that I've found helpful - going on a technology and news diet.

Lifestyle Inflation is Keeping You Poor

Not long ago, I left my first job to seize an opportunity with a much younger company. Among the many benefits of this move was a roughly 18% pay increase, so I think it's a good time to bring up something that I have noticed in my relatively short time in the professional world: lifestyle inflation.

The Power of Focus for A More Balanced Life


Focus - something that seems to disappear around 3pm on a Friday or when there's something good on TV or when the ice cream truck rolls by, or, or! Squirrel! See where I'm going with this?

Budget Basics

Budget! ...Are you still with me? Good; you see, often when the topic of budgeting comes up, people tune out and run away, so if you're still here you're probably prepared to absorb the information herein. First of all, let me set a few things straight regarding budgeting, starting with some complaints that people often offer to avoid the topic when it comes up. Budgets aren't hard to develop or follow, they don't require a supernatural level of discipline, and they are generally a force for good in your financial life. On the other hand, they're also not a way to spend unhindered by the guilt of treating yourself every once in a while. A budget is simply one of the countless tools you can use to track, limit and optimize your spending.


What Makes Us Happy?

Before we go much further on the adventure here at The Real Money Tree I want to make sure we are clear on something (hopefully we've established it already but I'll say it again just the same): the goal of this blog is not to help people gain as much money as they can or learn how to pick the best stocks to become rich and famous. The goal of this blog is to help people maximize happiness in life and identify their priorities. Part of the equation is the freedom and stress relief that comes with financial independence, but that's only the first step.


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