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Patience is Your Ally

Last time I posted, I wrote about how luxury is an enemy to aspiring Arborists. Today I'd like to focus on one of the many positive influences you can cultivate in your financial life: patience. Patience is the foundation for some of the most effective money management strategies in existence, and there's nothing stopping each and every person from leveraging it to sustain and grow their money tree. I'm going to focus mainly on patience as it relates to investing for the purposes of this article - see The Simmer System for a different perspective of how patience can help you stay out of the poor house.


Stuck On Making A Decision? You Have More Options Than You Think

We've all been stuck when trying to make a decision. It can be a very difficult process. Sometimes we unintentionally make it harder on ourselves and create some of the most stressful times we have to go through in life. From the life changing decisions like "Where do I want to live?" or "What do I want to do for a living?" to the simple daily questions we ask ourselves about what to have to eat or when to go to sleep, the way in which we make these decisions can define just as much about us as the decisions themselves.

Luxury is Your Enemy

[...] luxury is the enemy of observation, a costly indulgence that induces such a good feeling that you notice nothing. Luxury spoils and infantilizes you and prevents you from knowing the world. That is its purpose [...] Paul Theroux

The Traffic Sign That Changed My Approach to Life

We all have our good and bad days. Moments where we lose our patience, get too entwined in a situation or forget exactly what got us into the situation in the first place. When we're too busy to step back and think is exactly when we need to.<--break->

Stay Out of Debt With: The Simmer System

A few years into my first job, I spontaneously developed a new habit: every time I was considering a new major purchase, I'd agonize over whether I really needed to make it. Perhaps it was the perceived scarcity of money after I became the primary income earner in the family, or maybe I'm just genetically predisposed to being a cheapskate. Whatever triggered it, I eventually adopted a set of rules for large purchases, and chief among them was what I now refer to as The Simmer System.



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