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Investing for Arborists, Part I - The Basics

When I first started working, nothing scared me more with respect to money than the notion of putting it into investment accounts. Mind you, this was around the time that the market started going nuts, and my inexperienced young financial muscles weren't as well-developed as they are now (and I still have plenty of room to improve!). I still didn't understand that emotions have no rightful place in personal finance, and that the current trends of the market aren't usually the important thing to pay attention to. Looking back, I'm disappointed by an obvious opportunity lost (more on this in Patience is Your Ally) by deciding not to invest early on in my career, but since regrets serve no purpose I'd rather help others not make the same mistakes. In this article, we'll go into the basics of investing, and in some subsequent ones I'll provide some basic information about specific low-cost services you can use to make investments in some traditional and not-so-traditional vehicles.


Want To Be More Productive? Take A Break!

Ah the holidays. A time for visits with family and friends, enough eating to pack on the dreaded “holiday weight” and some much needed rest. It’s amazing what some time away from our normal day to day can do for our minds and lives. Sometimes when we’re down in the weeds it’s hard to see what’s coming or even if what we’re working on is really what we want to be devoting our time to. The regenerative benefits of some time away from routines, projects or even simple tasks can sometimes be the difference between success and endless amounts of frustration.

A Winter's Nap

Happy Holidays Fellow Arborists,

First and foremost we’d like to thank everyone who has supported us during our first several months on this new adventure. In the interest of maintaining balance (and following our own advice) we’ll be taking a brief break for the next two weeks to spend some time with friends and family and recharge for the upcoming new year. Rest assured we’ll be back on January 6th.

Emergency Funds: The Why, When and How

I recently had to empty one of my emergency funds for the first time for a home repair that has been badly needed for some time, which brought to mind that we haven't done an emergency fund article yet. An emergency fund is a very simple, but very important reserve of cash that is held in case of, well, emergencies. A broken down car, unexpected uncovered health problems (remember that many health care plans have deductibles of several thousand dollars before the real coverage kicks in), or even sudden unemployment can make an emergency fund the most comforting thing in the world, but all too many still don't have them, or don't have the right amount set aside. It seems that every other month I hear of a new survey or study finding that the majority of Americans couldn't weather even a $2,000 emergency. I'm always reminded of The Ant and the Grasshopper upon hearing things like that. While many have a very real struggle before them to scrape together cash for an emergency, there are also plenty that have the means to do so but don't, and when the inevitable hard times come, they're in for heartache. So let's look at the emergency fund and go over the why, when and how.

On Reflection & New Beginnings

There’s something about this time of year that I’ve always enjoyed. As a kid it was the fun of the holidays, Christmas morning (what would Santa bring this year?) and a couple weeks away from school. As an adult it’s more about the chance to catch up with friends and family, to relax and slow life down for awhile and the happier than normal mood in the air. It’s a great time to reflect on the past year, to take stock of my life, to look forward to the future and to appreciate what I have.


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